We offer special services for foreign citizens, offering management and advice on any issue, with special attention given to how foreign citizens are affected by Spanish legislation and the legalisation of their country of origin.




We manage all administrative procedures for obtaining the permits foreign citizens require to formalize their situation, such as applications for registration as EU citizens, applications for residency, national identity numbers, alien registration, and residence and work permits.



We pay particular attention to tax procedures for foreign citizens, offering advice and specialized management to avoid situations such as double taxation, which may result in foreign citizens paying taxes in both Spain and their country of residence.



We concern ourselves with the legal situation of foreign citizens, offering advice, providing information, and handling each case in terms of how the client is affected by Spanish legislation, and whether or not to apply the legislation of their country of origin or Spanish law.

There is no area of law beyond the scope of the expert knowledge of our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Whatever your requirements, you can safely put them in our hands. We will make every effort to adapt to your circumstances, and respond to your specific needs with friendly, personalised service.


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